Southern Hungary

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We sail to the southern edge of Hungary, docking at the small town of Mohacs.  Not much to see here, though we stroll the main street, quiet on this warm Spring day with a few pedestrians, more bicyclists and not many cars.  The buildings are plain though colorful.  Prices are quite low.  We take a bus ride to the nearby city of Pecs in the heart of an agricultural area, passing many vineyards and a few wineries.

We enjoy a pleasant walking tour on a perfect Spring morning.  I visit the Vaserely museum, which has an extensive collection from this twentieth century artist who was born in Pecs.  I like his work and add him to my list of favorites.

In 2010 Pecs was selected as Europe’s cultural town of the year.  Along with this honor came some money from the EU, which they used to spruce up the main square and several key buildings.  It’s a touristy town, though very pleasant to walk through, with wide central squares that epitomize European public spaces.

I fail to find apple strudel though do manage to locate decent apple pie to accompany my cappuccino.  Prices are a bit lower here than Budapest.  We leave Pecs, stop at a winery for some mid-afternoon tasting, then return to the ship just in time for dinner and of course more wine.

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