Something Rotten

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A musical,

created by Karey Kirkpatrick and John O’Farrell

directed by Casy Nicholaw

starring Brian d’Arcy James, John Cariani, Christian Borle

performance at St. James Theater, NYC

on May 26, 2015

This musical was very entertaining with plenty of laughs and completely unburdened of any serious moments or purpose.  The singing and dancing were good, the music and choreography uncomplicated, and the acting by those portraying the few key roles was worthy of Broadway.

The story pokes fun at Broadway musicals in general, managing to portray this art form as nothing more than a way to entertain folks with some song and dance and perhaps the semblance of a plot.

The protagonist is Nigel Bottom, a struggling playwright toiling in the shadow of the wildly successful Will Shakespeare.  Bottom consults with soothsayer Thomas Nostradamos, nephew of the famous seer.  Nostradamos foresees that the future of theater is musicals, and that being the first to produce this new type of show would make Nigel a successful writer.  Nostradamos almost gets it right again when he foresees the greatest play ever written will be called ‘Omelette’.  Nigel goes on to produce such a show, despite those close to him who doubt the worthiness of a play about eggs.

‘Omlette’ the musical is silly and successful and everyone lives and dances happily ever after.  Perhaps my judgement is jaded after a week of Broadway shows, yet even though I thoroughly enjoyed this one, I don’t consider it a must-see.  Still, it was good fun and there are certainly worse ways to spend a Tuesday evening.