Under My Skin

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A play by Robert Sternin & Prudence Fraser,  directed by Kirsten Sanderson

Actors: 8 actors, including Matt Walton, Kerry Butler, Diedre Friel, Megan Sikora

Acting quality: good to very good

May 10, 2014

Time: 90 minutes, no intermission

Little Shubert Theater, 422 42nd st, Manhattan

A comedy about a chauvinistic bachelor executive and a single mom working for his company who get into an elevator together,  die when the elevator crashes, then ask an angel in heaven to bring them back to life.  The angel grants their wish, but mistakenly brings them back in each others’ bodies, forcing him to live in her body and vice-versa for several weeks.  So they each learn what it’s like to live as the opposite sex and in their very opposite lives.

Additional characters include the impossible teenage daughter, the senile aging grandpa, and the action-lusting office sexpot. The play is just for fun, well written and well acted, and appropriately none of the performers take anything too seriously.   Plenty of laughs, quite entertaining,  Also some stereotypical attacks on corporate greed as it applies to health insurance. Great fun off Broadway.