Under My Skin

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A play by Robert Sternin & Prudence Fraser,  directed by Kirsten Sanderson Actors: 8 actors, including Matt Walton, Kerry Butler, Diedre Friel, Megan Sikora Acting quality: good to very good May 10, 2014 Time: 90 minutes, no intermission Little Shubert … Continued

The Healing of America

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By T.R. Reid Rating: 4.6 Highly recommended, though written 1 year before the adoption of ACA, which should address some of the problems of U.S. health care covered by this book. The author sets out to explore the differences between … Continued

Fat Tail

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By Ian Bremmer Rating 3.8 Bremmer runs a firm specializing in analysis of business risks and opportunities for international companies.  His firm advises big companies on political and related issues they might face around the globe.  If you’re considering building … Continued


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  Pagosa Springs, CO – U.S.A. June 14:   Here I sit, back home for the the first time in five months, memories of my adventure swirling.  Still feeling the movement of the ship, remembering the people I met, friends … Continued


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 June 3,4:   Day number 141 – We sail through the Bay of Biscay then up the Gironde estuary in southwest France.  After about 40 miles the estuary narrows and bifurcates into two rivers.  Left is the Dordogne river, right … Continued

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