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Early in 2014 I received an email from Koryo Group, which is the tour company that hosted my 2012 tour of North Korea.  Normally I delete all junk mail, but this one caught my attention.  The ad described a tour … Continued

The Rising Sun

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    The Rising Sun by John Toland published 1970 rating 4.8 Toland presents the story of World War II in the Pacific, from both the American and Japanese perspectives, though primarily from the Japanese side.   From the events leading … Continued

Destiny of the Republic

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by Candice Miller published 2011 rating 4.8   Miller tells the story of the assassination of James Garfield, 20th president of the United States.  In so doing she portrays the events, the politics, the science and the morals of that … Continued

Kenya & Tanzania

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I traveled to Kenya last summer, which was memorable for three things.  First, the people there were so uplifting.   Second, I enjoyed seeing Africa’s wildlife.  And finally, my girlfriend dropped my iPhone in the toilet.  I could not thank her … Continued


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Play – Misterman by Edna Walsh directed by Melissa Firlit played by Craig MacArthur November 2014 Thingamajig Theater, Pagosa Springs, CO The advertisement for this play reads “A seductive and terrifying portrait of a luminous madness that dares you not … Continued

The Brain That Changes Itself

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by Norman Doidge Published 2007 4.8 Norman Doidge presents the topic of brain plasticity through the research of dozens of neuroscientists. He interviews many of them as well as some of their patients, and presents the human side of this … Continued

Sacred Economics

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by Charles Eisenstein published 2011 Rating: 2.8   Eisenstein probes the impact of money on our society and on Earth’s limited resources.  In his view, the effects are pervasive and overwhelmingly negative.  It’s a huge topic, and despite a fair … Continued

A Chimpanzee in the Wine Cellar

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by Patricia Cavendish O’Neil Published 2012 Rating: 1.0 I picked up this book hoping to stir some enthusiasm for an upcoming safari in Kenya and Tanzania and a visit to South Africa.   This book failed in every measurable way.  The … Continued


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 Spices at the Grand Bazaar This is the last and most flavorful stop on our journey through Europe.  At roughly 15 million residents, Istanbul is more populous than any other European city, and has the gridlock to prove it.  Situated … Continued


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 Building where Nicolae Ceausescu gave his last speech For our last day of the river portion of this trip, we tie up on the northern banks of the Danube about 200 kilometers from the Black Sea.  Taking our luggage, we … Continued

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