A Picasso

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by Jeffrey Hatcher

Pagosa Center for the Performing Arts

May 15, 2015

Directed by Melissa Firlit

Staring Laura Moore and ?

This one act play takes place in an interrogation room somewhere in the Paris underground in 1941.  The Nazis have occupied Paris and are on a campaign to stamp out ‘culturally unacceptable’ art.  They have detained Pablo Picasso.

Miss Fischer, an attractive officer from the German cultural ministry (and secretly in love with Picasso’s art) is tasked with interrogating the artist and getting him to surrender one of his works, which the Nazis will then hold a ceremony to burn along with other art.  Fischer must succeed in obtaining one of Picasso’s works or risk her own life, while the artist is faced with an impossible decision: in exchange for his life, he must surrender one of his beloved works of art to the regime. A perilous game of cat and mouse ensues as Picasso attempts to outwit his dangerously beautiful opponent and save his masterpiece.

The acting was good and there were a few moments of levity, though overall this was a fairly serious play.  There is a slightly clever twist at the end as Picasso finally get the best of the situation.  Mildly entertaining and educational.